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Elizabeth Reapy

January 26th, 2012


Shane Ward - "Ode to Anne Doyle"
Cal Doyle - "Goldfish"
Máire Morrissey-Cummins - "Love surfs the waves"
Michael Naghten Shanks - "Another Piece of Toast"
Daniel Ryan - "A Living Goddess"
Kate Ferguson - "The Mouse" (Creative Non-Fiction)
Eamon McGuinness - "Things We Find On The Ground (for Frank)" (Hybrid Form)
David Rudden - "Something Like the Sea" (Flash Fiction)
wordlegs team's choices: Méabh McDonnell and Elizabeth Reapy
Writers' choices: Deborah Fay, Ferdia Lennon, Brian Kirk, Andrew McEneff Máire T. Robinson, Derek Coyle, Susan Kelly, Shane Ward, Stephen Wade, Neil J. Burns, Donna Sandahl Sørensen, Clodagh O'Brien, Michael Naghtan Shanks, Arthur Broomfield, Rita Jacob, Mark Noonan, Darryl Connolly, Alan Garvey, Armel Dagorn, Gavin Deady, Alice Walsh, Eleanor Hooker, Richard Purcell, James O'Sullivan, Graham Connors, Jimi McDonnell, Antain Mac Lochlainn, Alan Bennett, Maline Campbell, James Patterson, Paul Conway, Cathy Hogan, Angela Carr, Elaine Cosgrove, Brian Quinn John Holohan, Kealan McGuinness, Colm Delaney, Niall Ruddy, Kerrie O' Brien, Andrew Fox, Colin Dardis and Orla Fay
Noel O' Regan - "The Monument"
Maeve Mulrennan - "The Stag"
Sean Kenny - "Long Hair"
Anna Byrne - "Made In Cork"
Paul John Walsh - "Domestic Obtuse"
Stephen Wade - "The Last Bus"
Claire Smith - "Cafe"
Christopher Rippingale - "She and the Transvestite OAP"
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