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Elizabeth Reapy

"The Words and the Bees"
May 4th, 2012


Emma Dwyer - "The Stay"
Ciaran Hodgers - "Sleepover Sun"
Michael Loughran - "on seeing you"
Colin Dardis - "Press"
Colin Corrigan - "Now"
Alan McMonagle - "Face Off"
James Claffey - "Sheep’s Skull"
Andrew Dooley - "The Catalyst"
Gillian Dann - "NEW YORK CITY"

Craig Gibson - "Nothing of any Particular Genius"
Clodagh O'Brien - "The Americas"
Brian Kirk - "Back to Love"
Colm Reynor - "What Would Destroy You?"
Caroline Healy - "I am Eight."
Adam Cullen - "Right and Wrong"
Damien Murphy - "I used to be Batman"
Vanessa Baker - "The Sound of Smoke Settling"
Leesa Harker - "Hidden Hands"
Brabazon Booth - "Hildebrand's Shed"